Selling A Home

Selling A Home Things To Do Before Closing A Home Sale You’re almost done with your home sale. The end is so close, you can almost taste victory! But before you celebrate the conclusion of this real estate transaction, it’s important to be as eagle-eyed as ever. Several things can happen during closing, and some of these events can threaten to undo the entire home sale. […]
Selling A Home Are Buyers Avoiding Your Listing? Strategies to Revive A Stale Listing It may seem like every listing sells the first weekend these days, but as the market begins to slow down, more sellers are facing the dilemma of an aging listing. If your listing has been on the market for a while, buyers naturally assume that there is something wrong with the home and avoid viewing […]
Selling A Home Showing Instructions and What They Mean Making the decision to sell a home is just one of the many decisions that are made during the home selling process. Many first-time sellers assume that all listings are the same and it’s just a function of picking a starting price. The fact is that there are many aspects of a listing, but one […]
Selling A Home What Not to Say When Someone Asks Why You’re Selling The minute you list your home, everyone will want to know why. You will hear from your neighbors, family members, and friends. Of course, there is no harm in speaking freely with family and friends but be careful what you tell your neighbors and especially the buyers and their agents who visit your listing. First, […]
Selling A Home Prepping an Empty House for Sale You read that right. Should you “prep” an empty house? This is not about adding furniture or plants to a vacant home, but it’s about looking at the empty home and making it more appealing to buyers. Not all homes need furniture to sell for top dollar, but even a vacant home needs attention before […]
Selling A Home Slowing Real Estate Market – What You Need to Know as a FSBO Seller For the past few years, the real estate market has been red hot. The strong seller’s market was fueled by low interest rates and the intense focus on our home environment brought on by the lockdowns of the pandemic. As more companies adjusted to allow a more flexible work-from-home option, people were able to move […]
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