Selling A Home April 12, 2023

What Not to Say When Someone Asks Why You’re Selling

The minute you list your home, everyone will want to know why. You will hear from your neighbors, family members, and friends. Of course, there is no harm in speaking freely with family and friends but be careful what you
tell your neighbors and especially the buyers and their agents who visit your listing.

First, it’s no one’s business but your own. You are not obligated to share personal information with anyone, and you must be especially careful when speaking with potential buyers. If they sense desperation, this will affect the kind of offer they write.

A simple, “we are ready for a change,” is a great response to anyone who doesn’t need to know. How you answer is less important than avoiding the wrong answers.

· “I got a new job” – Job offers or transfers are a common reason for a move. These moves often come with deadlines which alerts buyers that you need a quick sale, and may be willing to compromise on price to get one.

· “We need a bigger house” – It’s perfectly understandable that a growing family needs more space. Telling a buyer this, however, may cause them to question the size of the home and if it’s too small for them also.

· “We want to lower our costs” – This may just be a simple downsizing after the kids have left, but talking about affordability is a red flag to buyers. Is the home too expensive? Is the price too high? Energy bills too high? Upkeep too much?

Successfully selling a home is more than just marketing. The best course of action is to limit divulging too much personal information about your situation, but if you do, be mindful of how much you say. Be pleasant, but do not overshare, it may cost you in the end.


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