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Smart Home Features That Will Sell Your Home Fast

In today’s digital age, savvy buyers are looking for the latest smart home features and they’re willing to spend for them. A study showed that millennials are intrigued by the possibility of having smart technology in their home
(, and this generation is beginning to become a force in the home buying market. This comes at a time when Transparency Market Research forecasted a $21.6 billion home automation industry last year.

Want to know which smart home features will sell your home fast? You’ll find out in this handy smart home sellers’ guide.

Smart security system

Buyers are reassured that their home will be well-protected from burglars if you’ve got a smart security system installed. This setup includes smart door locks that are WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled, so that you can unlock them from the outside, or anywhere using your smartphone. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a popular choice because it supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and other third-party devices. You can also use your smartphone to turn your security system on and off.

While you’re away, you can receive text alerts regarding the system’s status. If you invest in a high-end smart security system, expect your security cameras to include features like two-way microphones. If you have pets, you might want to invest in the $249 Furbo, which lets you see, hear and talk to your beloved pooch. You can even use the Furbo to give your pet treats. These hi-tech systems also come with good warranties and excellent customer service.

Smart lighting

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could control your home’s lighting with a single swipe? It doesn’t cost as much as some think, and installing smart lighting will immediately boost your home’s value. Replace your LED bulbs to smart ones, and you should be able to control them with most devices, and link them to a larger integrated SMART Home network.

You can even customize your lighting schedule to make your lights brighter when you wake up, or to turn your lights off as soon as you leave home. Some lighting solutions are better for different moods, adjusting the brightness and color for a specific mood.

You may be able to save as much as 60% off your energy usage per year once you install a smart sensor or dimmer system. Energy Star says that lighting your home costs around $264 annually, which is roughly equivalent to 12% of your home’s energy bill in a single year.

Smart climate control

This technology has been around since the 1950s, but wasn’t widely adopted because many people found these clock-type thermostats too inconvenient or not user friendly enough to use. But now, as the internet of things (iot) begins to permeate our homes and lives, popular thermostats like the Nest and the Ecobee Smart Thermostat are proving to be a hit with homeowners.

Features now include humidity as well temperature control. Scheduling can be set for different times of the day. This is useful if you and your family have a regular routine. When no one is in, have the house have no active cooling or heating and have it turn on just before someone returns home. Or just override a schedule if you get an unexpected day off.

Integration into your home HVAC system is easy to set up meaning that control and scheduling can be done on a portable device whether it be phone or tablet. Almost all SMART technology is made to be compatible with the big players in the market, so expect full compatibility with Android or Apple devices.

Smart play

Many can be intimidated by the idea of setting up a home with all their entertainment, audio and visual linked to a Smart set up. However, having such things can make a strong impression on buyers. For many, it will give them a glimpse of what is possible. This could be controlling audio or music from anywhere and sending it to anywhere, as well as having different audio playing in different rooms. The same can be done with video, which can be streamed to any screen in the house. Smart home features are becoming increasingly desirable for new homebuyers.


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