Additional Blogs February 20, 2024

Serving The Williamsburg Community: Hospice House and Bacon Street

As real estate agents, our relationship with our city and its surrounding communities is not just professional. In-depth market knowledge and local expertise is necessary in our line of work, and this requires us to know not just home appreciation rates and property sales, but also the events and programs happening in our municipal governments, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses.

But it’s not just about being able to sell luxury homes in Williamsburg, VA.  Because of our line of work, real estate professionals are in a great position to serve the community and improve the quality of life for everyone living in the area.

At Coldwell Banker Traditions, this responsibility is doubly felt. We have been providing real estate services in Williamsburg since 1885, and our company identity has always been tied to serving the Williamsburg community.

Earlier this year, we gave financial support to two local organizations whose advocacies we believed in, and whose services and programs helped many members of the community:

Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg

Who are they?

The Hospice House of Williamsburg ( was first established as a nonprofit charitable organization in 1982. Primarily run by volunteers, in cooperation with local healthcare providers, the Hospice House provides short-term, high-quality residential care for individuals in the last phases of their lives. They also offer support for patients’ family and friends.

Because of community-wide support and donations, the Hospice House was able to serve over 5,000 individuals in the Historic Triangle and the tidewater area, free of charge. Everyone of all backgrounds has access to their palliative care services, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, religion, or income.

What do they do?

The Hospice House focuses on providing comfort and relief for people with life-limiting illnesses. Through personalized hospice and palliative care, they create special opportunities for the patient and their loved ones to strengthen relationships, put affairs in order, and find spiritual peace. The Hospice House also helps the patient through any decisions that they make with their physician about continuing or stopping active treatment.

How can you support them with us?

There are many ways to help the Hospice House continue their mission. You can make a gift online
( or mail donations to Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg, 4445 Powhatan Parkway, Williamsburg VA 23188. You can also sign up as a monthly donor or contribute to their Annual Fund by becoming a member of the Rodgers-Ellis Society and Legacy Society (

The Hospital Hospice also offers engraved brick memorial pavers (, which you can purchase to honor the memory of a loved one. These are permanently laid in their Patio of Memories.

Bacon Street Youth and Family Services

Who are they?

Bacon Street ( first started out as a Drug Action Center on Bacon Avenue in 1971, a safe space that children could go to after school. Despite formally changing its name to Bacon Street Youth and Family Services in 2015, it still retains its original mission of nurturing resiliency and healthier lifestyles among Williamsburg’s youth. Specifically, Bacon Street provides evidence-based behavioral health and substance use services to adolescents, young adults, and their families.

What do they do?

As a social work and counseling agency, Bacon Street provides several programs and treatment services that help those struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse, such as:

Treatment Services ( Bacon Street offers outpatient clinical behavioral
health services to people aged 10 to 26, including individual and family counseling sessions for substance use and
mental health disorders.

Social Work (Journey Home Project) ( The Journey Home Project is Bacon Street’s social work arm, which provides free counseling and case management services for young people and their families who are experiencing housing insecurity and substance abuse.

Prevention Programs ( Bacon Street also organizes several school- and
community-based prevention programs to educate and provide young people with tools to avoid substance abuse and practice healthy coping mechanisms in the face of stress and trauma. They also teach evidence-based prevention
strategies to families and various social groups.

How can you support them with us?

Bacon Street is a nonprofit agency, and they rely greatly on volunteers and financial donations. You can give a one-time or recurring gift here (, which can pay for several counseling sessions, allow a student to attend a Bridges wilderness therapy field trip, or even help a financially struggling family.