Real Estate News and Trends November 9, 2023

Trees Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

There are a lot of ways to increase the value of your home – from revamping your interiors to adding smart home features. Another way to increase value is by having trees on your property.

In a world where temperatures are rising, the demand for properties with lush landscapes and large trees are increasing.

In this article, we talk about how you can improve the value of your property with the addition of trees.


The impact of trees on property value

Homes with trees have a higher average market value by around 7% compared to similar houses without trees. According to Kathleen Wolf, a social scientist at the University of Washington, mature trees in high-income neighborhoods can increase property value by up to 15%(, while good quality landscaping with healthy trees can increase a home’s value by up to 12%. Ultimately, the price will depend on the value sellers or buyers assign to the presence of trees on the property.


The benefits of trees

Planting trees around your property can afford you privacy from the outside world. Aside from that, they are great for the environment. Having trees in your area can lower temperatures especially on hot summer days. The shade trees provide can impact energy usage and costs.

Depending on how you position your trees around your home, you can save up to 35% in energy consumption annually.

Collectively, if your community has plenty of trees, they can significantly contribute to runoff control and filtration of
particulate matter in the area’s water supply. That’s not all; trees prevent erosion, produce oxygen, provide habitat for wildlife, and improve air quality.

Aside from the environmental impact of trees, they also improve our well being and can lead to lower crime rates. A property with an attractive landscape creates a sense of peace. Communities with well-kept landscapes provide a more conducive environment for living, working, and playing. Aside from helping people relax, trees can block noise by as much as 40% when strategically placed.


Choosing the right trees

The right trees for your property depend on your area’s climate and local ecosystem.

In areas with cooler climates, avoid palm trees and go instead for deciduous trees such as maple, oak, and linden, which can survive cold winters. For areas in warmer climates, magnolias, citrus, palm trees, and frangipanes are suitable.

If the area you’re in tolerates fruit trees, try planting plum or apple trees. Not only do these look amazing when the fruits begin to grow, but you also get to pick fruits right off your yard!


Preventing trees from encroaching your property

While trees provide good privacy and shade from the sun, trees can also encroach your property.

Some species have extensive root systems that can invade your yard and affect plumbing or even your home’s foundation. Trees with large roots include willows and American elm. If left unchecked, these trees can grow sprawling root systems that can impinge on your property’s structures.

Unattended landscaping can also cover up the property, preventing realty photographers and potential buyers from
maximizing curb appeal.

Avoid planting trees close to any structures that could be eroded, such as swimming pools. Place them close enough to your home to be able to provide some shade, but not too close that its roots might ruin your walls.

It is also important to avoid planting trees that are high maintenance, prone to disease, or attract invasive pests. The Arbor Day Foundation’s map ( of hardiness zones for trees can help you determine which trees are suitable for your region.


Thinking about the long-term look

Once you’ve decided that you want trees on your property, think about the look you want to achieve in five to 10 years’ time. Ask yourself if you can commit to the maintenance involved in growing trees. If your area is prone to strong winds, it’s best to avoid sycamores, which have large branches that can snap and crash to the ground. Consult with a local arborist or reputable landscaper; they will know which trees are best for your home.



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